Weekend Schedule Table

Whole Schedule

Time1/6 (Fri)1/7 (Sat)1/8 (Sun)
18:30~Break TimeBreak Time18:30 Short-case Competitor Meeting (1to3) // 19:10 Short-case Competitor Meeting (Team)
19:30~Solo Jazz Competitor Meeting (Open, All-Star/Adv.)Social DanceSocial Dance
20:00~Social DanceSocial DanceSocial Dance 20:20 Team Performance with Teachers (Jo, Caleb)
20:30~Social Dance 20:50 Solo Jazz Competition (Open, All-Star/Adv. Prelims)Social Dance 20:50 Team Performance with Teachers (Pamela, Nathan)Short-case Competition (1to3)
21:00~Competition ContdSolo Jazz Competition (Open, All-Star/Adv. Final) InvitationalShort-case Competition (Team) Teacher's Performance
21:30~Social DanceTeacher's PerformanceSocial Dance
22:00~AJW Show Social DanceSocial Dance with Sage Min SwingtetSocial Dance
22:30~Social DanceSocial DanceSocial Dance
23:00~Social DanceSocial DanceSocial Dance
23:30~Social DanceSocial Dance

Workshop Schedule

1.7. Saturday

LocationSwing Time - A hallSwing Time - B hallIvy dance hall
11:40 ~ 12:40Jo "Bounce~! Playing with It"Pamela "Finding your own style"Nathan "Rhythmic Breaks"
12:55 ~ 13:55Pamela "Imprography : Chore mixed with Improv"Nathan "Old School Charleston"Caleb "Rhythm and Energy"
14:10 ~ 15:10Jo "Walking Jazz Steps"Nathan "Improvisation"TEAM Pamela
15:25 ~ 16:25Jo "Half Time Jazz Steps"Pamela & Caleb "Sliding Around"TEAM Nathan
16:40 ~ 17:40Pamela & Jo "Jazz Duo"Caleb "Soft Shoe : In the style of Honi Coles and Brenda (Slow Jazz and Tap)"Nathan "Cab Calloway the Dancer"

1.8. Sunday

LocationSwing Time - A hallSwing Time - B hallIvy dance hall
11:40 ~ 12:40Jo "Swingin' Arms"Nathan "Slides and more"Pamela "Creating and Polishing step"
12:55 ~ 13:55TEAM JoNathan & Caleb "More Counterpoint"Pamela "Energy, Contrast & Dynamics"
14:10 ~ 15:10Pamela Teacher's ChoiceTEAM CalebJo "Choreo to Improv"
15:25 ~ 16:25Caleb Teacher's ChoiceJo Teacher's ChoiceNathan Teacher's Choice

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